Who Invented Homework and Why? All You Need to Know

Today, homework is deeply assimilated into the universal educational system. Have you ever wondered how after-class assignments started in the first place? Who invented homework and why? Students are curious why take-home task just like examinations is so important that it forms part of the basic elements of education. Do you want to know who invented homework and the reasons for such an invention? Let’s find out in this article.

The History of Homework

The origin of homework is dated as far back as the time of the Roman Empire. Some consider Pliny the Younger as the person that introduced the homework simulation. Pliny the Younger was a teacher that made his Quintilian students complete some tasks at home. Pliny intended to help his students develop their oratory skills in a less tense environment.

The new practice yielded positive results such that other oncoming educators were encouraged to follow suit. However, Roberto Nevilis of Italy is officially recognized as the person who created homework. He invented homework in 1905. However, the reason Nevilis invented homework was to punish his students.

Homework at the Beginning of the 20th Century

The end of the 19th century introduced reforms mitigating the tedious nature of homework. The contemporary take-home assignment popular around the world today takes the form of homework invented by Nevilis.

In the 19th century, Horace Mann played a leading role in promoting the acceptance of home assignments in the educational system. Mann was an educational reformer and politician with a policy to enforce compulsory education. The after-class assignment was conceived as child labor in the 1900s. However, the changes introduced in the 20th century stipulated that home tasks should be practicable, simple, and assigned when students can work independently.

Other Reason Homework Was Introduced By Roberto Nevilis

There are arguments providing reasons homework should be banned. However, in the modern world, after-class assignments are considered essential in the learning process of children. Likewise, those who invented home assignments believe they are necessary to improve the educational process.
Roberto Nevilis gives a few reasons why he thought homework was important. Some of them include reading without external assessment, a convenient study habit, and individual planning of the study pattern.

The Importance of Home Assignments in Schooling

Homework plays a major role in enhancing the learning process. According to psychologists, students need to assimilate the knowledge that is passed in the classroom. Class activities alone are insufficient to internalize information taught in the classroom. Home assignments support the teacher’s effort to educate the students and allow the students to independently internalize knowledge.


Unlike during the era of Roberto Neville, the purpose of homework is not to punish or control the students. It provides the opportunity to dedicate personal time for an in-depth study of a subject. These reasons are above the intention of the person who invented homework. In today’s educational system, after-class assignments help in improving learning in all levels of education. However, you can always hire writing professionals to take my online course or do any task you assign to them and feel no more pressure.