How to Make the Most Out of Your Study Time

If you wanted to make the best out of your study time, then you must read the tips that we have below that are proven by 123 Homework writing professionals to be true over time. The strategies that you care about reading will make you get the best out of the hours you put into study. Here we go!

  1. Exercise

You might not believe it, exercise before study gets the heart pumping. It has been proven that this can release a powerful cocktail of hormones as well as norepinephrine which boosts the activity of the brain. Do this for about 20-30 minutes a day. Just anything that increases your heartbeat will do.

  1. Avoid cramming

There is loads of work included in most modules. The mistake students make that leads to failure is to attempt cramming the text. The best approach is to commit to long-term memory, not short-term. When you spread your studies, you are going to achieve more. 

  1. Look through the exams

The exam tension will always overwhelm students and this might make them lose what they have committed to memory. First, have a feel of the questions before attempting them. Look through all the questions and relieve the tension before attempting the questions. 

  1. Learn with an intention to teach

When you are studying for the exam, put yourself in the position of an instructor. Go through the materials with the mindset that you are going to stand before the class to teach the course or subject. This will ensure a greater understanding of the material.

  1. Test yourself

As you read the material, it is advised that you devise strategies that will prepare you ready for the test or exams. Form questions out of the material and put your understanding of it to the test. You will not get to know your ability by merely re-reading the text. You must put yourself to the test. This will banish the fear and phobia that comes with the real test.

  1. Sleep

This might seem very simple, but it works. There is a limit to which you can stretch your memory. Along the line, you need to create room for the brain to rest and recover from the stress that you have put it through. When you sleep after learning, it will aid the recollection the memory of the materials that you have learned. Your brain can be likened to a tree. Learning will cause the branch to grow; sleep will help the leaves to flourish.

  1. Avoid all-night studying

We have just spoken about the importance of sleep to the learning process. Do not make the mistake of reading through all night. It has been established through scientific studies that those that stay all night will need four days for the brain to fully recover. Immediately after you go all night, the capacity to learn new things is reduced by 40%. So, all night should be out of your schedule if you wanted to achieve the best out of your study time.

  1. Break it up

Do not read the material at a stretch. Break it down into manageable bits and pieces. After you have studied for an hour for instance; you can take 15 minutes to break away from your studies. Get to do something within that time frame that is not related to academics. When you come back, you are going to be refreshed and ready for the new challenges that lay ahead.

  1. The power pose

If you cannot think about it, then it will be impossible to achieve it. Get a secluded area where you are not going to be disturbed and make a power pose. The connection of the mind to the body is powerful. Think of yourself that you are a superman or wonder woman and let the idea flow through your thoughts. Your mind will tell you that you are able. Go in that strength to face the exams and you are going to come out happy.


The nine strategies above will go all the way to bring about the positive results that will compensate fully for the hours that are spent in burning the midnight candle.